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Spiritualism has been a religion since 1848 and on March 28 we celebrate the Anniversary of Modern Spiritualism. 


It is a religion and philosophy of life focused on joy, harmony, and a fear-free understanding that life continues after we “die”. Everything & everyone is energy & therefore cannot be destroyed, only transformed.


"Spiritualism is a religion of conviction, not conversion".  If you're concerned that if you come to a service someone will try to get you to join, don't be. No one will ever attempt to talk you into joining or change your beliefs. You either believe in communication with the so-called dead or you don't. 


We respect all religions and beliefs. Many people from other faiths visit us just because of that. They feel comfortable with us. 


People come to us when they have had experiences that they don't understand or don't know how to handle and we help them. 


Many people read our Principles and find that that is what they believe but didn't know anyone else did. 


We're here for whatever reason you choose to visit us.


And last but by no means least, many times the first question I get asked is, "Do you believe in God?"  Absolutely!!! We are a recognized religion, with God as our foundation.








Spiritualism is the Science, Philosophy and Religion of continuous life, based upon the demonstrated fact of communication, by means of mediumship, with those who live in the Spirit World. 



"Spiritualism Is a Science" because it investigates, analyzes and classifies facts and manifestations demonstrated from the spirit side of life.


"Spiritualism Is a Philosophy" because it studies the Laws of Nature both on the seen and unseen sides of life and bases its conclusions upon present observed facts. It accepts statements of observed facts of past ages and conclusions drawn therefrom when sustained by reason and by results of observed facts of the present day.



"Spiritualism Is a Religion" because it strives to understand and to comply with the Physical, Mental and Spiritual Laws of Nature, which are the laws of God.






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Opening Hymn


Declaration of Principles

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Spirit Greetings

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Spiritualist Church of

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